Heel Socks Iconic M

Each pair of Homies is made to order

Homies footwear blurs the boundaries between home and street. It's comfortable everywhere: at home, in the car, at the office, in the countryside, and while strolling through the city.

The upper is made of natural leather with a drum break pattern, it's untreated and has moisture-resistant impregnation. Additionally, the leather has the right thickness to ensure the shoes don't stretch excessively and comfortably conform to your foot shape. The absence of lining and glue allows the shoes to breathe.

The sandwich construction of the insole provides even greater comfort, making the footwear feel like soft house slippers. Elasticity comes from a layer of recycled leather cardboard, softness from the cushioning microporous rubber and cork, and pleasant tactile sensations from the leather covering that encases the entire insole sandwich.

The sole is made of natural leather combined with a polyurethane heel pad.